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Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
An exclusive set of designer printed mailers in handy pack sizes.
Our Budget Grip Seal Bags are a cheaper thinner range of the handy resealable bags (with the option of write-on-panels to easy label and catalogue their contents)
Budget Grip Seal Bags
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The Packaging Survival Guide to Covid-19 Lockdown

Life under lockdown is a challenge. Every business has had to adapt to a new way of working. Every household has had to adapt to a new way of living.

We've all made changes to our lives during lockdown and learned a few lessons along the way - and the same applies here at Polybags.

So we've come up with a lockdown survival guide to help businesses of all shapes and sizes get the most from their packaging during lockdown and emerge on the other side in a better place.

What packaging does my business need in lockdown?

One of the most important product ranges in the Polybags catalogue since the first lockdown began has been our extensive selection of mailing bags, including budget, biodegradable, compostable, 100%-recycled and even carbon-neutral options.

With so many 'non-essential' retailers forced to close their doors during lockdown, many have had to diversify, with a huge shift to delivery services - and a need for tough, durable yet affordable mailing bags, such as Polybags' range of best value heavy duty mailing sacks.

But it's not only retailers who have been relying on mailing bags during lockdown. With so many people now working from home, these strong but lightweight mailing bags provide a great way for any company to communicate with staff by delivering documents or sending office supplies home for their new work environment.

If you need to send personal or confidential documentation to staff members at home, our range of high security mailing bags provides the extra level of security you need for total peace of mind.

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How do I get my deliveries to stand out from the crowd?

Polybags' extensive range of mailing bags cater for every delivery need.

Of course, the most important thing is that your products reach the customer in perfect condition, but our range of mailing bags can help do much more than that, whether offering added security (see above) or providing some 'wow' factor to grab the customer's attention from the moment of delivery.

If you're looking for a mailing bag that both protects contents in transit and really stands out from the crowd, our range of superlight bubble mailers are just what you need. Featuring a bubble-wrap inner layer to cushion contents from bumps and scrapes, these eye-catching metallic or sparkling mailers are guaranteed to make an instant impression with customers from the second they are delivered.

For the same great protection with a more traditional, professional appearance, our range of paper mailing bags includes some smart, protective options along with a selection of gusseted mailing bags for larger items.

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I don't offer a delivery service. What packaging can help me?

We appreciate that a delivery service is not for everyone, so our lockdown survival guide goes much further than just mailing bags.

For any retailers running a collection service, our crystal-clear retail display bags can help you to present your products in packaging that is beautiful, stylish and functional. Whether you are packing clothes, wrapping books or flowers, or putting the finishing touches on a gift, these polypropylene bags can really make your products sparkle.

For regular packing bags that are every bit as functional, our range of clear polythene bags are suitable for a huge range of items. With a size range of 5cm (2") to 130cm (50") wide, these bags cater for products of all shapes and sizes.

What's more, if you'd prefer to make your own packing bags, cut to the very size you need, you can do just that with a roll of layflat tubing and a manual heat sealer. Choose the size of roll you need - i.e. the width of bag you need - then simply unwind enough tubing off the roll for the required height of your bag, before cutting and sealing with the heat sealer. Simple as that!

Any package is livened up with a flash of colour, so if you'd prefer to add some to yours - either for collection or as a colourful wrapping paper when posting products - our range of colourful paper bags is guaranteed to liven up any item.

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What packaging can save my perishable food during lockdown?

If you're a restaurant or cafe owner, lockdown might have left you with a load of food that is in danger of going out of date before you reopen.

Our range of vacuum pouch bags provide a handy way to extend the shelf-life of food by up to five times once sealed. Available in light and heavy duty polythene, these pouches cater for a wide range of food products, including fish, meat, dairy products, fruit, vegetables and more.

We also stock a range of duo-grip freezer bags suitable for use in large chest freezers - thanks to a special EVA additive that prevents cracking at temperatures as low as -30°C. With a double grip seal that locks air out, these premium food-grade bags help to prevent freezer burn, keeping food fresh and full of taste for longer. They also feature a plain write-on panel for you to date and label contents.

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What packaging can help me protect my goods during lockdown?

Lockdown has forced huge numbers of businesses across the country to close their doors to the public. For many, this will mean premises left empty, with goods and furniture sitting there collecting dust for weeks or months on end.

Polybags stocks a massive range of packing bags to help protect any item in storage - from small antistatic bags for the tiniest electrical components to super-size packing bags big enough to fit in a sofa!

That's right - our range of furniture bags are big enough to cover chairs, desks, filing cabinets, water coolers or even a three-person sofa in storage, whilst our collection of extra large polythene bags offer protection to a huge variety of other large items.

Our range of large capacity storage bags are useful on two fronts: either use as a regular packing bag for large or bulky items or, if you're packing boxes for storage, they also act as the perfect box liner.

If you need to store a load of old paperwork in a hurry, our range of zip slider bags provide a great way to arrange and sort documents, whilst our wider range of grip and zip seal bags provide a convenient storage solution for a variety of items.

Polybags has a huge selection of these resealable bags in stock, including our grip seal bags with write-on panels which come in handy for labelling items in storage.

If you don't have time for labels but prefer quick colour-coded categorisation, then our range of coloured grip seal bags could be just what you need. Available in four bold colours and six different sizes, these bags can provide handy content identification at a glance - just don't forget your colour scheme!

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I'm using lockdown to tidy up my business premises. Can Polybags help?

Many business owners who've been forced to close during lockdown have used the extra time afforded to them to get some work done on their premises - whether that's just general housekeeping, a thorough spring clean or some extensive refurbishments. If you want to do the same for your premises during lockdown, Polybags has plenty of packaging that can help.

Of course, any proper clean-up needs bin bags, but thankfully you've come to the right place! Polybags has a huge range of waste bags and sacks that can help with any tidy up, including the UK's best range of black sacks - from lightweight economy bags to our ultra-thick sacks for heavy duty use.

If your lockdown plans extend beyond spring cleaning to actually giving your premises a new lick of paint, then our wide range of wide plastic sheeting is just what you need. Otherwise known as builders' rolls, these sheets are the friend of painters and decorators everywhere, offering great protection for large surfaces and furniture from paint, plaster, dust and dirt.

If you'd prefer a protective cover that tacks down to the surface it's protecting - reducing the chances of trip hazards - then our temporary protection rolls could be more up your street. Colour-coded for carpets (green) or hard surfaces (red), these handy rolls offer a tough waterproof protective barrier against potential paint spills, plaster, dirt, dust, grime or filthy footwear.

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Lockdown has given me time to rethink my business strategy. Where does packaging fit in?

Whilst no business owner wants to be in lockdown, some have tried to make the best of a bad situation and used the breathing space provided to stop and think about the overall direction of the business.

A new business strategy can breathe new life into a business, whilst a fresh approach to packaging aligned to that strategy can showcase this new direction to your customers. We explore a couple of examples below.

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I want my business to become more eco-friendly. How can packaging help?

If environmental concerns are important to your business, then lockdown can provide the perfect time to make your business more eco-friendly.

Customers increasingly want to see green businesses and a company's packaging choices say a lot about who they are, so if you have a bit of breathing space during lockdown, there's no better time to switch to more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging choices.

Polybags has a market-leading range of eco-packaging that allows businesses across the UK to get the job done in a smart, professional manner, whilst still keeping one eye on the environment.

With more products coming online every month made from compostable, biodegradable or carbon-neutral I'm Green polythene, plus a huge selection of packaging made from 100% recycled material, Polybags' eco-packaging range can not be beaten.

So if you want compostable carrier bags, carbon-neutral packing bags, 100% recycled bin bags, a selection of eco-friendly mailing bags, or much more besides, then make Polybags your responsible packaging supplier.

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How can packaging help to give my brand a boost this lockdown?

Lockdown has provided many businesses with a great opportunity to give their brand a boost with personalised printed packaging.

Whether you are a small business looking to establish a new brand, or you want to refresh an established brand, Polybags can help you create printed goods that will help advertise your business and boost your brand.

Our printed carrier bag service is simple, fast and cheap. We have five sizes to choose from (quality 55 micron polythene), with prices from just 4p per bag (biodegradable option just 2p extra). Get an instant online quote in just 60 seconds, then you provide the design and we do the rest. Your customers will soon be doing your advertising for you, as they show off your brand amongst their fellow shoppers!

If deliveries form a part of your business, then printed mailing bags from Polybags are the perfect way to give your brand a boost. Grab the attention of your customers from the moment of delivery with a mailing bag that stands out from the crowd. We've got nine sizes of quality, co-extruded bags to choose from. Get an instant online quote now!

As a leading UK manufacturer, Polybags can make products tailored to your exact need, with personalised branding options available on a number of products. If you want Polybags to help your business, simply tell us what you need and we'll get back to you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

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How can packaging help me at home this lockdown?

It's not just businesses that can use packaging to their benefit this lockdown. From cleaning to cooking, Polybags also has a wide range of packaging products that can help anyone to make improvements around the home.

With so many of us spending more time at home than ever, many people have taken the decision to have a big clear out during lockdown. Our 100% recycled waste sacks are the perfect solution to help separate out your old clothes, toys, books or other unwanted items for various trips to the recycling centre, charity shops and so on. These eco-friendly bags are available in a selection of bold colours - either in opaque or see-through tinted polythene - for simple identification.

If you're using lockdown to have a spring clean - whatever the time of year - then our extensive range of waste bags and sacks can help with a number of jobs around the house, or indeed the garden - and it's always good to get out of the house during lockdown.

If you get the chance to tidy your garden, our range of biodegradable bin liners are perfect for collecting leaves, hedge trimmings or cut grass and disposing of them in an eco-friendly manner. Just throw out with the rest of your garden waste and they'll biodegrade along with the waste itself.

Spending time outside during lockdown is generally good for our mental health, and many people have found that also applies to learning a new hobby or skill - perhaps learning a new art or craft, or improving your culinary skills in the kitchen.

If you fancy extending your cooking repertoire this lockdown, why not use our vacuum pouch range to try your hand at sous vide cooking? Literally translated from French as 'under vacuum', sous vide refers to the process of cooking vacuum-sealed food to a very precise temperature in a water bath. It allows for perfectly cooked food that can't be replicated via any other method.

Once you've got all the equipment you need to give sous vide a go - including a vacuum sealer - then Polybags' range of vacuum pouches are ideal for the cooking process. Our embossed pouches can be used up to 90°C, whilst the boilable pouches are suitable for temperatures up to 120°C.

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What if I need to venture out in lockdown?

Of course, it's very important to follow the scientific advice and government regulations during these unprecedented times to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

If you have to leave the house, remember to socially distance from others and always wear a face mask when you have to.

If your supply of face coverings is running low, Polybags' PPE range features two popular disposable face masks, including the KN95 - backed by the WHO as suitable for medical use - so top-up your supply today and don't leave yourself short.

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Will Polybags remain open during lockdown?

As a key supplier to the NHS and other essential services, Polybags has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We remain very much open for business and the latest restrictions do not affect our ability to fulfill your orders in any way.

Our Covid-19 feed provides further information about our current service status across all Polybags departments, along with measures we have taken to protect our customers and staff.



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