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Reinforce your brand on
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Our Budget Grip Seal Bags are a cheaper thinner range of the handy resealable bags (with the option of write-on-panels to easy label and catalogue their contents)
Budget Grip Seal Bags
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Layflat Tubing

Layflat Tubing

Also known as LFT, this is the most comprehensive stock of polythene tubing available, ranging from 2" to 48" wide in light, medium, heavy duty and with antistatic options. You will find our protective corry wrapping perfect for ensuring that every roll reaches you in good condition. Remember, if you need a bespoke size or special colour or print, we'll make it for you, and at the best UK price as well!

There are 7 categories within this group:

narrow layflat tubing (2-6" wide)

narrow layflat tubing (2-6" wide)

15 Products. Very narrow clear tubing for items such as light tubes - supplied extremely well protected in either corrugated cardboard or boxes to avoid any damage in transit
standard layflat tubing (7-15" wide)

standard layflat tubing (7-15" wide)

18 Products. Our mid range stocked sizes - the weight of each roll in kg is the same as the width of the roll in inches - the 8" wide stock reel therefore weighs 8kg [This is regardless of thickness as the lighter the gauge, the longer the reel to compensate]
wide layflat tubing (18-48" wide)

wide layflat tubing (18-48" wide)

18 Products. Our widest stock sizes although we do extrude up to 54" flat in-house for any bespoke film requirements. We look to give very competitive prices for orders over 250kg as these can be sent efficiently by pallet courier.
black polythene layflat tubing

black polythene layflat tubing

17 Products. Black layflat tubing in thick lightfast 400 gauge thickness - however we can make polythene tubing in any colour with a turnaround of just a few days (red, green, blue and yellow polythene are regularly in production, so are even quicker). Please contact us for more details on custom LFT.
pink antistatic layflat tubing

pink antistatic layflat tubing

13 Products. This is a technical range of polythene tubing which is designed to stop the 'problem' build up of static electricity. 'Static build up' is always a consideration when packaging modern electrical and electronic components which are increasingly susceptible to this risk and associated damage. Often the layers of packaging themselves are the cause of the increase in static build up when they rub together (tribocharge). The workings of electronic components even in very simple devices are prone to damage when a sudden static charge is applied - even at relatively low levels. Pink antistatic layflat is a very cost effective way to protect your product from these expensive problems in your packaging system.The layflat is 75 micron in thickness which provides sound scratch protection. The polythene surface has dissipative properties with a surface resistance of less than 10นบ Ohms per metre. The polythene also has antistatic properties so will not generate static charge when rubbed against other materials (avoiding tribocharging). Key technical facts: This layflat is sometimes known as TYPE II material. The colourant is added to differentiate the material from standard packaging. Density: 0.92g/cm, Tensile Strength: > 10-12mpa, Surface Resistance Inner: <10นบ Ohms (10นบ -10นน Ohms ESD S.11.11), Surface Resistance Outer: <10นบ Ohms (10นบ- 10นน Ohms ESD S.11.11), Charge Decay: <2 secs Mil-PRF-81705, Shelf Life: 2 years +
manual heat sealers

manual heat sealers

11 Products. To seal your layflat product in tubing or make your own small batch bags - these impulse heatsealers are very easy to use for sealing polythene - just press down! - and an economic option for sealing. Where specialised sealing is required give us a call on 020 8575 8200 and if you send a sample of your film we will trial seal for you.
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