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Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
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Recycled waste bags

Recycled packaging

Made from recycled materialsPolybags produces a number of product ranges from recycled polythene.

We are a responsible manufacturer, committed to producing eco-friendly packaging. We aim to demonstrate, both through our products and our production processes, that we care about the world around us.

We constantly monitor and evaluate our systems to minimise waste, whilst recycling any waste that is produced, provided doing so is actually beneficial for the environment (see Polybags and recycling, below).

Recycled polythene extrusion Recyclable polythene conversion

Advantages of using recycled plastic

Disadvantages of using recycled plastic

Recycled polythene pellets

Polybags and recycling

Polybags take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We always collect plastic waste in-house during the manufacturing process.

Whilst recycling material is generally beneficial for the environment, the recycling process uses energy and creates carbon emissions, so our manufacturing processes are always designed around a 100% recycling principle. This means that, wherever recycling plastic waste is more energy-efficient than disposing of it, we will recycle.

We have invested in state-of-the-art, in-house recycling technology to make the collection and transportation of recyclable material more energy-efficient.

In reality, this means we re-use nearly all of our waste plastic to make products in our of eco-friendly packaging range and are able to recycle with minimal energy output.

Recycled mailers

How much recycled content?

Recycled content Polybags produces a number of product ranges made from 100% recycled material, including mailing bags, waste sacks, clear bags and carrier bags.

We are also making an increasing range of products with a significant proportion of the content from recycled material.

Once again, Polybags is leading the way as the packaging industry moves towards more eco-friendly production, with a new tax in the pipeline from the UK government on all UK plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content.

We have already converted some stock lines to have a minimum of 30% recycled content and we will continue to develop more across all ranges, ensuring we are fully ready when the new legislation comes into force.

But you don't need to wait that long to buy products with a proportion of recycled content - just keep your eye out for these % icons as you shop at Polybags.

What's more, if you'd like to explore changing an order of printed mailing bags, printed carrier bags or any bespoke product to include a higher proportion of recycled content, then please get in touch.

Recycling bins

Industrial or post-consumer recycled material?

Polybags' recycled material does not always come from the same source. Some of it is taken from in-house industrial waste, whilst some is taken from post-consumer recycling.

The two types of material can have very different properties, so we have marked up all of our recycled products with an icon to explain which of these two categories they belong to:

Industrial recycling Industrial recycling - Recycled products made from scrap polythene gathered in Polybags HQ during the manufacturing process. By capturing this plastic waste before it reaches the consumer, we can ensure that recycled products achieve a high level of quality and consistency, although they do not offer the same level of sustainability or closed-loop recycling.

Post-consumer recycling (PCR) Post-consumer recycling (PCR) - Plastic from products that have been disposed of, collected, cleaned, reprocessed and recycled into new products by Polybags. By diverting plastic from landfill, PCR offers a more sustainable option, but some products - most noticeably clear ones - may contain slight irregularities in colour, grade and texture, although this does not affect the performance of the product.


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100%-Recycled Mailing Bags
Bio and 100%-recycled mailing bags in low quantity handypacks.
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