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Reinforce your brand on
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Our Budget Grip Seal Bags are a cheaper thinner range of the handy resealable bags (with the option of write-on-panels to easy label and catalogue their contents)
Budget Grip Seal Bags
Ideal for sorting
and storing things!
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Special offers

Special offers

Our Pricing Team loves our customers. We all do, but they really love our customers… in a sort of slightly fanatical unhealthy way - they'll do pretty much anything to give you the best prices and the best deals everyday. They made a right meal of Valentine's day of course and when we came to turn off the special offers they wanted us to add even more cut-price bargains; "to show our love some more" they said. And because, as you may detect, the Polybags Pricing Team are a little bit scary, we softies in Sales & Web Support have learned you just don't argue with them. So we're delighted to announce even more special cut-price offers today, even though Valentine's day has long gone, we hope this shows you "our love some more"...

There are 5 categories within this group:

20% off extra-thick mega bags (800 gauge)

20% off extra-thick mega bags (800 gauge)

9 Products. A mega-deal on mega-bags with 20% off these extra-thick and strong bags. Made from 800-gauge clear polythene, these ultra-thick plastic bags are the daddy of them all, providing the ultimate in bag strength and designed to carry and protect the toughest and heaviest of contents with ease. Twice as thick as most heavy duty bags, these bags cope with sharp items as well as heavy loads. A great combination with mailing bags when sending goods by post to ensure awkward contents have good in transit protection.
20% off colour paper Kraft carrier bags

20% off colour paper Kraft carrier bags

6 Products. A cheeky bonus 20% off our high quality Kraft carrier bags today. These paper carriers come in a variety of attractive colours with square bases and twisted paper handles. They add an extra touch of class to your packaging. Please note that all dimensions are shown as width x depth x height.
15% off white flexiloop handle carrier bags

15% off white flexiloop handle carrier bags

5 Products. 15% off this popular range of smart white flexiloop carrier bags. Flexiloop plastic carriers have reinforced handles made from thick polythene that are welded to the inside of the bag. Because the handles extend outside the carrier the entire volume of the bag can be filled. The handle is not only strong but is comfortable to hold particularly when carrying heavy items and larger loads.
10% off static shielding grip seal bags

10% off static shielding grip seal bags

8 Products. 10% off our range of resealable grip-seal static-shielding bags which protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The bags create a Faraday cage around your product and are composed of an internal polyethylene layer, a conductive metallised polyester layer with an external antistatic abrasion-resistant lacquer. Pre-printed with an ESD notice and semi-transparent so contents can be easily identified.
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