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Reinforce your brand on all your packaging
Reinforce your brand on all your packaging
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Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
An exclusive set of designer printed mailers in handy pack sizes.
Our Budget Grip Seal Bags are a cheaper thinner range of the handy resealable bags (with the option of write-on-panels to easy label and catalogue their contents)
Budget Grip Seal Bags
Ideal for sorting
and storing things!
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Vacuum Pouch Bags

Vacuum Pouch Bags

Vacuum bags are manufactured from a combination of polythene and nylon which gives them a very high moisture barrier. This makes them ideal for storing cooked fish and meat, ready meals and medical products. With a wide seal on 3 sides they are totally waterproof and whilst most people use them with vacuum sealers they can be used as ordinary bags.

Our light and heavy-duty ranges of vacuum bags are designed for simply storing fresh and cooked food, our embossed and boilable ranges are also suitable for cooking the product in the bag.

  • Extend shelf-life of food by up to five times.
  • Use Light-duty and Heavy-duty ranges for packing and storing foods.
  • Embossed vacuum pouches may also be used to cook food (up to 90°C).
  • Boilable vacuum pouches may also be used to cook food (up to 120°C).

  • Watch a short video about our Vacuum Pouch Bags

There are 4 categories within this group:

11 Products. Our price saving 70 micron vacuum bag range perfect for sealing and storing fresh or cooked food. These vacuum bags are suitable for light duty packing of food such as storing shellfish. Please note this product is not suitable for sous vide, cooking the contents in the bag - instead see Embossed Vacuum Bags (for cooking up to 90°C) and Boilable Vacuum bags (for up to 120°C).
13 Products. Our heavy duty 90 micron vacuum bag range, particularly suitable for vacuum-packing fresh or cooked food. These pouches are suitable for packing heavier food items such as meats and cheeses. This product is not designed for sous vide, cooking the contents in the bag - instead see Embossed Vacuum Bags (for cooking up to 90°C), Boilable Vacuum bags (for up to 120°C).
4 Products. Our embossed vacuum pouches provide a great way to store and cook food. The criss-cross embossed pattern optimises vacuum sealing, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on food and locks in flavour. Suitable for sous vide cooking up to temperatures of 90°C, these reusable, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe vacuum packs are suitable for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and more. For cooking at higher temperatures, up to 120°C, take a look at our boilable vacuum pouches, whilst our light and heavy-duty range of regular vacuum packs are great for food storage, extending the shelf-life of food by up to five times.Polyamide (PA) air-impenetrable exterior and polyethylene (PE) food-safe interior.Embossed pattern aids optimal vacuum suction. Suitable for sous vide cooking up to 90°C. Freezer-safe - vacuum sealing protects food from freezer burn and dehydration. Reusable, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Manufactured at a BRC-approved site. Perfect for the storage of solid or liquid food and non-food items. Suitable for use with most major domestic vacuum sealers.
5 Products. Our boilable vacuum pouches are perfectly suited to the sous vide cooking process and can be used at temperatures up to 120°C. Sous vide (translation: under vacuum) involves placing vacuum-sealed food in a temperature-controlled water bath for precision cooking. Our boilable vacuum pouches provide excellent temperature stability to ensure food is safe and cooked perfectly with flavours suitably enhanced. Suitable for cooking a wide range of food types, including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, selected fruits and eggs, these pouches have "Sous vide" printed into the seal to avoid mix-ups with our regular vacuum pouches. Coextruded multilayer flexible film for a very reliable seal. Exceptional barrier properties - prevents the passage of air, inert gasses and water vapour. Suitable for cooking at temperatures up to 120°C if required. Suitable for freezing to temperatures down to -35°C. Can be steamed, boiled or microwaved. Increases the shelf-life of food by up to five times. Time-saving - prepare food in advance, vacuum seal and store, perfect for busy kitchens. Space-saving - sous vide takes up relatively little space, ideal for smaller kitchens. Film structure PA/PE/PA/PE.
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