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Clear Grip Seal Bag
229mm x 324mm x 50 micron (9" x 12.75" x 200 gauge)
From £34.58 per 100
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Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
Mailing Bags with Printed Designs
An exclusive set of designer printed mailers in handy pack sizes.
Our Budget Grip Seal Bags are a cheaper thinner range of the handy resealable bags (with the option of write-on-panels to easy label and catalogue their contents)
Budget Grip Seal Bags
Ideal for sorting
and storing things!
In Grip Seal Bags...
Resealable bags

Resealable bags

Recycled packagingResealable bags are a great storage solution when you need to keep contents secure and/or protect them from moisture, dust, dirt or other contaminants.

Featuring an integral grip or zip seal that opens and closes with ease, resealable bags provide great value for money as, unlike peel and seal bags, they can be used over and over again.

Polybags manufacture and stock a massive range of resealable bags, with over 15 product ranges catering for everything from food storage to document storage, retail displays to portfolios and specialist needs, including static protection and specimen collection.

Types of resealable bag

Polybags stocks a huge range of resealable polythene bags - these all have a reusable seal that fits in one of the following broad categories:

Here we provide a brief explanation of both types of seal and their variants, how they work and what range of bags you can expect to find them on.

Grip seal bags

Grip seal bags

Grip seal bags are the most popular resealable bag on the market today.

Also known as minigrip bags or grippa bags, they get their name from the seal that runs across both sides of the bag opening and grips together to seal the bag shut.

One side of the seal has a single plastic ridge (male) and the other has a double plastic ridge (female). By squeezing these two sides together between the thumb and forefinger, the male ridge inserts snuggly between the two female ridges, sealing the bag tight.

To open a grip seal bag, gently pull apart the two sides of the bag. This pulls the male ridge out from in between the two female ridges, thus loosening the grip seal and allowing the bag to open again.

Grip seal bags provide great protection from dust, dirt and moisture. They also protect contents from leakage and help keep items secure. Easy to use and with a robust seal that can be used over and over, these bags provide fantastic value for money.

They are available with write-on panels or in a range of colours for easy identification, or made from heavy duty or antistatic polythene if required. They also feature on a range of bags popular in the retail industry, including header display bags, stand-up pouches and grip seal carrier bags.

Zip seal bags

Zip seal bags

Zip seal bags feature a zip fastener that can all be used repeatedly to open and close the bag with a minimum of fuss.

The type of zip fastener used can vary from bag to bag, but the general principle remains the same: zip seals pull together two strips of polythene to seal the bag together, much in the same way that a zip is used on a handbag, rucksack or suitcase.

Polybags stocks three kinds of resealable bags featuring a zip fastener:

Zip slider bags

Zip slider bags

The classic plastic zip seal bag, featuring a blue ziplock that slides along the top of the bag to open it up or lock it shut.

Made from quality 125 micron (500 gauge) thick polythene and featuring a robust plastic zip lock, these bags can be used over and over again without looking tired or worn.

Available in a range of sizes, zip slider bags are suitable for a range of craft, hobbies or document storage and provide an excellent way to transport documents professionally without breaking the bank.

Ziplite bags

Ziplite bags

Ziplite bags are similar to the classic zip slider bag (above) but are less than half the weight thanks to the lighter 50 micron (200 gauge) polythene from which they are made.

These versatile bags feature the same top-fastening ziplock seal as the zip slider bag - white in this case instead of blue - whilst offering high polythene clarity to show off the contents of the bag.

Available in a wider range of sizes than regular zip slider bags - from 5” to 15” - these bags provide a great budget alternative for a smart packaging solution.

Zipper bags

Zipper bags

Zipper bags are the premium member of the zip seal bag family.

At 125 micron (500 gauge) thick, these bags are made from the same quality polythene as zip slider bags, but the metal zip fastener really makes them stand apart.

The highly durable front-facing metal zip runs along the distinctive red polythene profile at the top of the bag, which makes the bag stand-out.

Great for storing documents or publicity material, these portfolio wallets are the perfect way to make an impression with colleagues, clients and delegates alike.



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Clear Grip Seal Bag
127mm x 191mm x 50 micron (5" x 7.5" x 200 gauge)
From £18.94 per 100
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