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Reinforce your brand on
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Our Budget Grip Seal Bags are a cheaper thinner range of the handy resealable bags (with the option of write-on-panels to easy label and catalogue their contents)
Budget Grip Seal Bags
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and storing things!
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Special offers

Special offers

It's National Kissing Day this month and so we'd like to give a great big thank you kiss to you and all of our customers! Now you might not totally appreciate that, so to better demonstrate our love we have thirty-nine products on special offer today, with up to 25% off on top-selling ranges including all our coloured mailing bags, our extra thick 800g 'Mega' bags, our colour-coded 100%-recycled rubbish sacks and (to wrap it up nicely) our premium and budget packing tape... and please do drop in to the office if you do want that kiss!

There are 10 categories within this group:

20% off colourful 100%-recycled waste sacks

20% off colourful 100%-recycled waste sacks

5 Products. A tidy 20% off this great range of colourful medium-duty sacks made from 100% recycled polythene (which were already at special introductory prices). You can go green (or blue, red, white or yellow) without your decision costing the earth. A bright way to sort and colour-code your rubbish and recycling, while recycling!
20% off extra-thick Mega bags (800 gauge)

20% off extra-thick Mega bags (800 gauge)

9 Products. A nice and juicy 20% off our entire range of extra-thick 'Mega' bags this month. Made from 800-gauge clear polythene, these super-thick plastic bags are the biggest daddy of them all, providing the ultimate in bag strength to handle the toughest and heaviest of contents with ease. They may be super-thick but you'll be mega-clever to grab them now!
15% off 50mm packing and masking tape

15% off 50mm packing and masking tape

5 Products. 15% off our range of budget and premium parcel tape - the perfect accessories for packing your deliveries. Each roll contains 66m of tape, which adds up to a lot parcels! This offer applies to our economy and premium range, both with brown (buff) tape and clear vinyl tape options. Plus 15% off masking tape - the must-have accessory for any building and decorating project (or for silencing anyone annoying in the office!)
NEW - white flexiloop carrier bags

NEW - white flexiloop carrier bags

5 Products. A smart new range of Flexiloop plastic carrier bags with reinforced handles made from thick polythene welded to the inside of the bag. The handles extend outside the carrier giving a greater volume to fill. The handle is strong and comfortable to hold when carrying heavier items and larger loads.
NEW - black extra-strong carrier bags (300 gauge)

NEW - black extra-strong carrier bags (300 gauge)

4 Products. A range of sleek extra-strong black carrier bags that are twice the thickness of a standard carrier, giving a more substantial feel as well as overall strength. The reinforced handles (patch-handles) support the bag's ability to carry more without the risk of collapsing handles.
NEW - jumbo carrier bags

NEW - jumbo carrier bags

9 Products. Our new range of jumbo-sized carrier bags, the largest carriers we supply. Big and strong enough to hold bulky items like bedding, toy boxes, and multiple or large garments.
NEW - black polythene packing bags

NEW - black polythene packing bags

20 Products. A sleek new range of both medium-duty and heavy-duty black polythene bags that protect and conceal their contents. 50mu thick (200g) bags and heavy-duty 100mu (400g) equivalents. Offering high resistance to water, dirt and dust, these black polybags keep their contents dry and clean while in transit or storage. Can be sealed with ties, tape or heat sealer.
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