Ultra-Green PolyBio Starch-based Products

Our PolyBio starch bags are made principally from the renewable energy resource sugar cane. They contain no polythene used to make conventional plastic bags and are the most eco-friendly packaging we produce.

Our range of PolyBio bags are both biodegradable and compostable. They conform to the European Compostable Standard EN13432, which requires 90% biodegradation within 90 days.

These bags predominantly require an active microbial environment, such as that found in a compost heap, before they will fully biodegrade. The heat, moisture and aeration one gets in a compost pile are vital to this type of biodegradable film breaking down effectively.

PolyBio bags have a shelf life of one year from the date they are manufactured. Store the bags in a dry cool place.



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